Contact Us if you would like more information about Cowboy Mounted Shooting and where the next competition will be in 2018/2019.

Memberships are now available. No change in AMSA membership fees for the upcoming season.  Current membership required to practice, and this also requires your current AEF (or equivalent) and PAL.

What is Cowboy Mounted Shooting?

Cowboy Mounted Shooting is a competitive equestrian sport regulated by several international organizations.

We are affiliated with the
Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association.

Mounted Shooting requires the riding of a horse to negotiate a shooting pattern where balloon targets are shot with black powder blank ammunition that is certified to break a target balloon within twenty feet.


What's New?


AMSA would like to welcome the new 2018/2018 board of directors!

See "contact" page for the new list


2019 Preliminary Schedule is posted

See 'schedule' page for preliminary information


AMSA Membership

Click HERE for the 2019 membership form.  Current membership required in order for members to practice.

Please mail signed forms, check, and copies of AEF and PAL to: 

AMSA, c/o Linda McKenzie

7605 - 39 Street, Leduc, AB T9E 0B3

PRACTICE GUIDELINES HERE. RCMP guidelines for mounted shooting HERE

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