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2023 Rising Star Class

The Rising Star Class is designed for horses that are ready to add more competitive urgency into their training. The Rising Star Class aims to encourage the development of Mounted Shooting Horses in Canada.

AMSA will track points and crown the 2023 Rising Star Award at the end of the 2023 season.

This will be a separate class, with separate pay-outs, eligible to AMSA members only.

 The rules are as follows:

  1. Open to horses that have not competed in any shooting event prior to April 1, 2023, this includes jackpots and CMSA shoots.

  2. Competing with your Rising Star horse in a CMSA main match will result in forfeiting your Rising Star Class entry. However, Rising Star Horses can compete in non-CMSA shoots and jackpots.

  3. Standard CMSA shoot rules and patterns will apply to the Rising Star Class

  4. Rising Star Class will be NON-CMSA POINTS and NO gender or level splits.

  5. Points are tracked PER HORSE; therefore, any AMSA MEMBER may ride a Rising Star horse.

  6. Riders must be entered in the Main Match with a separate horse. Rising Star entry fees are in addition to Main Match

  7. Entry Fees and pay out to be pre-determined and posted by the hosting shoot committee.

  8. Riders may enter multiple Rising Star Horses. However, if this class has an overabundance of entries, AMSA reserves the right to limit the number of entries based on timing and schedule of the venue and shoot schedule.

  9. Rising Star Class will run at the end of each stage. Shoot organizer reserves the right to reschedule match time for Rising Star around shoots with scheduled Grandstand Performances.

  10. AMSA will ensure that riders complete their Main Match run prior to running in the Rising Star category.

  11. Horses withdrawing due to illness/injury will not be eligible to enter in Rising Star Class the following year.

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