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Newbie Shotgun/Rifle Class


-  AMSA is creating an incentive with the purpose to increase participation and entries into the regular shotgun and rifle classes.

-  AMSA is committed to supporting members who wish to learn shotgun and rifle in a class with other beginners.

- AMSA is developing new opportunities for beginner growth,  believing this will lead to expansion of regular shotgun and rifle classes in the years to come.

- AMSA accepts that a competitor can be a Newbie to shotgun/rifle regardless of the class level attained in pistol.



  • Open to any rider who has not won a CMSA Shotgun or Rifle class in the past.

  • Entry Fee/ Payout/ Class Split TBD by shoot organizer.

  • Newbie class is a separate payout from Regular CMSA Open/Limited Classes.

  • Newbie classes will not generate CMSA points but will have AMSA points toward year end awards.

  • All Newbies will shoot together unless sufficient entries warrant division, TBD by organizer.

  • Newbies can stay in the class until they have achieved 3 wins (minimum of 3 in class) or, they have been in the class for up to 7 shoots.

  • Going forward, once a Newbie has entered in a regular CMSA Shotgun/ Rifle class, they are no longer eligible to enter the Class.

  • AMSA reserves the right to determine eligibility for Newbie classes.

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